Monday, October 26, 2015

Pop Beauty's Bright Delight Eyeshadow Palette

Another bit of makeup/life philosophy:
Life is finite.  Every time that you settle for wearing bland makeup is one less time that you'll have a chance to try wearing something interesting.

With that being said, in my ongoing research for UD Electric Palette dupes / the perfect bright eyeshadow palettes, I've been playing with my newest acquisition -- Pop Beauty's Bright Delight palette.  

I was expecting vibrant colors along the lines of Sleek's Acid palette (which I will be posting about soon), and I wasn't disappointed there.  What I wasn't expecting was how intensely pigmented these eyeshadows were when they went on -- I started packing color onto my eyelid and was literally taken aback by the immediate saturation result!  When it was time to blend, Pop Beauty's palette surprised me again -- these blend like a dream!  

I'm looking forward to further adventures with Bright Delight in the near future.  :)

Here are a couple of looks I've made with the Bright Delight palette so far:

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